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Chiropractic Care Offers Much-Needed Injury Prevention Tools for Athletes

Posted on: February 8th, 2012 by admin 3 Comments

Brandon Chiropractor | Prevent Athlete injuries When it comes to sports medicine, prevention isn’t really the focus. This is unfortunate because preventing injury is the best way to ensure an athlete stays in good shape and doesn’t have any lapses in training. But where sports medicine doesn’t deliver, a chiropractor can.

Truly, if you approached a sports specialist about preventing injury and how to bolster your body against the wear and tear of your chosen activity, you’d be met with blank stares. These professionals can only really do anything for you after an injury has occurred. And that’s not so great if you plan on avoiding injury. Seems sort of backwards, doesn’t it?

If you want to avoid serious injury while running, cycling, or competing in your chosen sport, do yourself a favor and see a chiropractor. He or she will treat you before you ever get an injury. Regular adjustments can keep your body limber and loose, thereby preventing the strains, pulls, and fractures that would occur if your body weren’t being cared for.

The only problem here is with cost. To properly treat your body for injury prevention, you’d ideally see the chiropractor several times a week. Most insurance companies don’t cover this frequency of visits, meaning you’d have to pay out of pocket for most of them. However, you can think of it as a worthwhile investment in your physical future. Since injury is an inevitability for most athletes, you could save thousands of dollars on treatment costs by investing in prevention. Sadly, many treatments don’t even offer a permanent solution to injuries, meaning you’d be out money without results.

Being a strong athlete means taking responsibility for your physical health. To do this, you’d need to go in for a structural fingerprint exam right away. This way, you can learn about your body’s imbalances and weaknesses and you can start receiving adjustments to address these concerns and to prevent injury.

Following this initial exam, you’ll need to make and meet all of your adjustment appointments. It is only with regular care that you can do your part to prevent injury. Even if you feel good right now, that might just be youth talking. Being young means your body is supple and can repair itself quickly without letting you know. As you get older, however, inherent weaknesses or imbalances become apparent. And that’s when people get hurt. By combating your body’s imbalances before they have a chance to do damage, your chiropractor can ensure you get the most good years out of your athletic career.