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Boosting Training and Injury Recovery with a Chiropractor

Posted on: March 7th, 2012 by admin 4 Comments

Injury Recovery with a Chiropractor When you’re an athlete, you likely accept some level of likelihood of injury. However, that doesn’t always need to be the case. If you take care of your body properly, you can greatly reduce your injury risk. Even if you’re not worried about injury, you still probably have to deal with recovery time after a vigorous training session. Your muscles may ache and burn. You may feel stiff and tired. Thankfully, seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis can fix that.

Working Out

When you exercise, your muscles experience small tears. You likely know this already. So, once you finish a workout, it’s normal to feel sore and to need to recover for a few days. You can minimize this recovery time, however, by investing more time in warming up your muscles and preparing them for each workout. This means warming up thoroughly and stretching before you dive into your workout. This way, by the time you start exercise, blood will be pumping to your muscles, increasing oxygen flow and reducing the risk of cramping and injury.

The Recovery Process

With all of those small tears in your muscles, they may start to tighten after you exercise, even though blood flow is the very thing they need to heal faster. You can help expedite this process by eating carbohydrates after you workout to restore your muscles. Really, don’t wait to do this. Have something carb-heavy on hand to eat within 5-10 minutes of ending your workout. You should also drink water after working out to prevent dehydration.

Seeing a chiropractor immediately following your training session can also help by loosening up the muscles and reducing the tension that causes pain. Optimally, a combination of all of these tactics will be used to reduce recovery time and improve muscle function.

It may seem like a tedious process to follow, but if you: warm up thoroughly, eat an energy bar and drink an electrolyte-rich drink after exercising, and receive a massage, you can cut down your recovery time considerably and ensure you aren’t wasting any time off the field, or track, or wherever your chosen sport takes you. Investing a little bit of time into your muscle health saves you time in the end by reducing how long you need to stay off your feet. Even better, these very same tactics prevent injury. Do yourself a favor and see a chiropractor today to learn more about what you can do for your own muscle recovery.