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Nutrition Recommendations from a Chiropractor

Posted on: October 9th, 2012 by admin No Comments

Chiropractor Nutrition RecommendationsLiving a sedentary lifestyle is one of the primary reasons for the majority of health problems people experience nowadays. You already know that you need to eat a balanced diet, stay hydrated, exercise often and consistently, and avoid risky behaviors like smoking and drinking. You already know this, but some specifics might help you get started in the right direction.

Chiropractic physician’s recommend a variety of things to improve your health. The primary suggestions, funnily enough, have to do with nutrition. What follows are some comments and suggestions for improving your diet, and improving your health.

First of all, you can use olive oil or coconut oil when cooking at home. These oils have no cholesterol, however, they still are high in calories so keep a mindful watch on intake Steer clear of animal fats as avoiding them help tremendously to reduce inflammation in the body. Restaurant foods and fast food tend to be extremely high in calories, sugar, fat, and sodium, which are all not good for you in large amounts.

When eating vegetables, make sure they are raw as often as possible. Canned vegetables and even cooking vegetables can eliminate most nutrition. Fresh or frozen is always the way to go to get the most nutrition out of each serving. While you’re at it, opt for organically grown veggies and fruits whenever possible. They’ll be free of pesticides and growth hormones, and your health will be better for it.

Another thing you can do that a chiropractor would suggest is take your lunch with you to work instead of buying something. Make sure you have plenty of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits in your lunch, and if you like, a lean source of protein like chicken or fish.

Try to add green leafy vegetables to your diet as much as possible. Vegetables like spinach and kale are nutrient rich and go a long way toward adding iron and fiber to your diet. You also can’t go wrong with beans and other highly fibrous foods. High-fiber foods reduce your risk of heart disease and colon cancer, which makes them more than worth adding to your diet, don’t you think? Aim for 25 to 30g of fiber a day for optimum health. And don’t forget to add whole grains as well like bran, cereal, and bread. Last but not least, make sure you’re getting plenty of water each day. Dividing your body weight by 1/2 and drinking that number of ounces of water daily, is what’s typically recommended by chiropractic doctors for staying completely hydrated, promoting proper digestion, and generally ensuring you feel as good as possible.