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Chiropractic Care Reduces Heart Problem Risk

Posted on: January 23rd, 2013 by admin No Comments
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As you likely already know, going to the chiropractor is most often associated with relieving back pain. It’s sought out as a treatment method for strains and stresses caused by ordinary life tasks. Whether your pain is caused by poor posture or a work injury, chiropractic care can be of assistance to you so long as the issue is musculoskeletal in nature. However, did you know that going to the chiropractor could actually save your life if you have heart disease?

In fact, going to the chiropractor regularly to get adjustments can prevent all sorts of issues associated with heart disease including high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, and heart attacks. How is this possible? It doesn’t exactly seem likely, now does it? Still, the Palmer Chiropractic College insists.

The latest research shows that chiropractic care has a direct impact on both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Treatment can reduce pain and reduce heart rate. Specifically, adjustments of the first cervical vertebra could stop a heart attack and it’s tracks. So, if you experience a heart attack while at the chiropractor’s office, an adjustment of this area could stop it. Of course, all other emergency treatments should be employed but this adjustment could stop the heart attack while waiting for assistance.

Regular adjustments may also reduce blood pressure since it can reduce feelings of anxiety. Several studies have shown that patients have a reduced blood pressure level after an adjustment. They also reported feeling less anxiety right after treatment. This further supports the idea that going to the chiropractor regularly can promote heart health.

Other studies that show going to the chiropractor may be especially helpful for women with heart problems. Women are just as likely as men to suffer from heart disease but are statistically less likely to seek medical treatment. However, women go to the chiropractor more often so this means they may benefit especially from chiropractic care in terms of the preventing heart problems.

For women, heart attacks often manifest as neck or back pain, causing them to go to a chiropractor. See how this could be potentially life-saving?

Though some people still knock the benefits of going to the chiropractor, there are some obvious ones that shouldn’t be ignored. If you are a woman or anybody that has a family history of heart disease or you know you currently suffer from heart disease, going to the chiropractor could be a good way to relieve high blood pressure, anxiety, and to put you in trained hands to catch the warning signs of a heart attack that doesn’t manifest in the traditional chest crushing pain sort of way.

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