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Chiropractic Treatment Can Prevent Heart Attacks

Posted on: March 28th, 2013 by admin No Comments

Chiropractic Treatment Can Prevent Heart AttacksIf you like to keep abreast of the latest medical news, you’ll be pleased to hear about the latest news regarding chiropractic treatment. In fact, regular adjustments may be linked to heart attack prevention, which is a pretty big deal, if you ask us!

Typically, people go to see a chiropractor and receive adjustments in order to find relief from pain. This pain is usually centralized to the musculoskeletal system, though it can affect how your body functions as a whole. This is becoming even more apparent thanks to a new study that shows seeing a chiropractor can prevent heart attacks.

You see, when you’re receiving an adjustment, the kind of pain you describe could tip off a chiropractor to a much more serious underlying condition like heart disease. Sometimes, people go in for an adjustment only to find out the cause of their pain is actually a heart attack! 

What’s more impressive, however, is receiving regular chiropractic treatment can actually prevent heart attacks from happening in the first place because they can reduce your heart rate, lower blood pressure, and promote a healthier heart. Another interesting tidbit shows that an adjustment to the first cervical vertebra can actually stop a heart attack as it’s occurring. Now, this adjustment shouldn’t be used in lieu of traditional heart attack-stopping medical procedures, but it can make a great complement. Or, if you have a heart attack in your chiropractor’s office, he or she could do this as an added way to improve your chances of surviving.

Time and time again in study after study, seeing a chiropractor has been shown to reduce anxiety and blood pressure, two things that can put a significant amount of strain on the cardiovascular system over time. This directly shows that chiropractic treatment has a positive effect on heart health and the cardiovascular system as a whole.

It’s important to keep in mind that men and women can have slightly different symptoms when having a heart attack, which makes it all the more important to know your personal heart attack risk. See a doctor regularly, have your blood pressure and cholesterol checked and insist of these tests if you have a family history of heart disease.

Then, visit a chiropractor for regular adjustments. You’ll experience stress relief and may very well notice a significant improvement in your heart health as a result of these appointments.

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