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20 Lifestyle Tweaks to Successfully Lose Weight

Posted on: December 18th, 2013 by admin No Comments

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Weight loss seems to come easier to some than others. However, consuming just 100 fewer calories every day is enough to keep you from gaining the average one to two pounds that a person gains per year.

If this is something that you are learning long after the fact and you are ready for some weight loss, you may have to cut about 500 calories each day, but your plate doesn’t have to be the only place you cut them from. You can cut them with a combination of diet and exercise and lose an average of one pound per week. This means you don’t have to starve yourself.


Here are 20 more weight loss tweaks that you can try:

  1. Start with salad so you consume less during the rest of the meal
  2. Dip your salad into your salad dressing rather than pour dressing over the salad
  3. Instead of an appetizer and a meal, order two appetizers
  4. The vending machine is not evil because nibbling single servings is better than large bags
  5. Talk while you walk to burn more calories, so bring a friend or your phone
  6. Watch your coffee calorie consumption
  7. Eat a handful of peanuts each day
  8. Stand at least two hours a day to burn more calories than when sitting
  9. Sleep will help you lose more
  10. Double your protein intake to keep from losing muscle, especially when on a low carb diet
  11. Maintain an exercise journal
  12. Eat dairy every day, especially yogurt three times per day
  13. Drink plenty of water
  14. White foods equal high carbs
  15. Eat an apple before dinner to consume less and to get fiber that you need
  16. Shake your booty with your kids to get some exercise
  17. Do not skip breakfast because doing so can increase the chances of obesity and diabetes
  18. Only eat bread with whole grain listed as the first ingredient and a single slice should contain at least 2 grams of fiber
  19. If you have a sweet tooth, eat a handful of M&Ms because just half a pack of plain adds only 100 calories to the day
  20. Brush your teeth after each meal so you will stop eating or have a breath strip or a few Altoids to achieve the same effect

Just by following these 20 very simple weight loss tips, you can shrink your waistline.