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Immediate Joint Improvement with Cervical Adjustments

Posted on: March 19th, 2014 by admin No Comments

Chiropractor cervical adjustmentsA brand new study from Korean Nazarene University shows that cervical adjustments can result in immediate joint improvement. In patients with whiplash or neck pain, that pain can be relieved with cervical adjustments as well while also improving the mobility of the neck of those patients. Proprioception is improved using the cervical adjustments and joint positional awareness is a key component of this.

What is Proprioception?

Proprioception is the ability of the body to control its limbs and other parts. It is also the ability of the body to know the position of the limbs and other parts without looking at those parts. When patients suffer from whiplash or neck pain, they have a lessened sense of joint positioning in their upper limbs and their neck. When this occurs, the limbs will be limited when it comes to moving on their own and with normal speed.

Patients with neck pain who experience poor sensing of joint positioning experience dizziness, headaches, poor energy and trouble sleeping. Other studies have found that chiropractor adjustments, such as cervical adjustments, have improved elbow joint position sense for patients suffering from neck pain.

New Korean Study

The recent Korean study was done with a group of 30 healthy volunteers. The researchers involved in the study looked at the effects of neck adjustments on the joint position  sense. During the study, 15 of the volunteers were treated with a light massage and neck adjustments. The other half of the group was treated only with a light massage during the time of the study.

A digital dual clinometer was used to determine the joint position error prior to and after the interventions of the massages and adjustments. The participants of the study were shown by the researchers how to position their necks at six different angles. The participants were shown this twice and then were asked to do it on their own. The joint position error was calculated by measuring the difference in the position and the correct angle.

The entire group of participants experienced improvement in joint position sense following treatment. On the other side of things, the patients who also received chiropractor neck adjustments experienced better results with two of the angles measured. Those two angles include the left rotation and the left lateral flexion.

The researchers working on the study concluded that even though massage improved a patient’s joint position sense, a combination of both massage and adjustments is better treatment for the improvement of proprioception and range of motion.

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