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Chiropractors put your best foot forward

Posted on: July 14th, 2014 by admin No Comments

Foot chiropractor Little to many people realize that chiropractors handle more than just back pain and problems.  No, on the contrary you’ll find chiropractors in demand and useful in other areas that their expertise calls for.

One of these is the feet.  The feet are not to be underestimated in regard to thte overall health and well being of the individual.  The feet support the body throughout the day and take continual pressure and punishment of tens of thousands of pounds of impact, twisting, turning, jumping, running,.  The toll on the feet can be astonishing as well as the connective tissue.  Muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments all go into action when the feet are in operation.  Let one of the dozen or so bones go wrong from toes to ankles and you have a person unable to walk or function.

That’s where the chiropractor comes in.  The doctor has to know the body up and down and just what bones go where and how much damage is done.  A full professional analysis is done and then the chiropractor then makes their assessment as to what is going on and then plans for the regimen to remedy the situation.  This is delicate because the foot is a marvel of engineering.  It has so much designed into it to cover so much that it takes an expert to figure out what is going on and how to fix it.

A foot out of place, especially in the ankle can cause havoc to the hips, sacrum, spine, neck.  It might snot look like it but it’s true.  Only a chiropractor can determine this but that’s why they’re chosen.  They have to do the detective work not you.

Once it’s determined what the problem is the real technical stuff happens.  Your chiropractor knows each bone, the stress levels it can take and how it interacts with the foot structure.  Alignment and mending are imperative here as one mistake can mean a person will have to start all over again.  The chiropractor will wait to see if surgery is recommended by your primary physician.  If not then they’ll work with your primary to see how chiropractic techniques can help.  Careful observation will be used so that your doctors can assess things each step of the way to map out and record the most successful strategies.

Overall, foot care is indeed part of a professional chiropractor’s work.  Getting it done right means a healthier you.

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