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Exercise Does Repair Aging Skin

Posted on: November 17th, 2014 by admin No Comments

Exercise Does Repair Aging SkinIn a study that has provided quite a surprise, it was found that those people who used exercise regularly were able to prevent and reverse the aging and damage of the skin.

The study took a number of people in their 40s and older and had them do some exercises for a few times a week and had a control group of the same age and in some cases culturally and genetically similar and had them exercise while the others were sedentary.  As a result it was found that the exercising group did indeed look a decade, sometimes half their present age.

This is because the skin has an outer layer and inner layer.  The outer layer is composed of dead skin cells, sort of like armor.  Without exercise this layer thickens and the inner layer of fresh, youthful skin cells gets thin.  When exercise is engaged in the opposite effect occurs. The inner layer of fresh skin cells thickens and the outer layer thins.  This provides for better elasticity and the ability of the skin to better protect the body.

The skin is our first major line of defense against disease, radiation, chemicals, dirt, and grime.  Keeping it healthy means it can operate at higher efficiency.  Not only that, but skin helps to regulate certain vitamins and metabolism.  With damaged skin these processes are compromised and the body is put in peril.

With this new data, the various doctors should look at how your skin can be improved by this.  It may well fall into a chiropractic venue as well.  It would be negligence to not engage in sound physical fitness and engage in a healthy diet regimen.  Not just to revitalize the skin but to also live a healthy lifestyle.  Exercise prevents many maladies and helps to remedy others.  It doesn’t take a lot of effort either.  Just three times a week of 30 minutes of walking can do the trick.  More is better but not to overdo it.

Now that the jury is in regarding exercise and skin rehabilitation further studies can be conducted to see which exercises do the best job.

Finally, talk to your doctor before engaging in an exercise regimen.  The doctor will check you out and give some recommendations as to which exercises you should and shouldn’t be doing.  In addition they might also suggest other techniques like chiropractor or resistance training.  It’s always wise to consult a qualified physician when starting an exercise regimen.

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