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Getting Proper Sleep Means Defeating The Enemy

Posted on: March 9th, 2015 by admin No Comments

Getting Proper Sleep Means Defeating The EnemyWe’ve all seen those cartoons where a person is sleeping and a cloud balloon floats over their heads and inside it a fence with sheep leaping over it while the snoozer is counting them one by one.

That’s how people would try to get a good night’s sleep in the old days and perhaps it works even now, but the important thing is that without proper sleep, you’re in for big problems.

Sleep is essential.  A good 8 hours is what is recommended but not all sleep is remedial.  Too light a sleep and one won’t go into the various stages of sleep that the mind needs to do specific diagnostics and repairs.  The body needs varying corrections during sleep and so many systems to test and repair that there are levels of sleep from light to very deep that the body needs to utilize every sleeping period.

If there is too much and you could do all sorts of damage to your body and mind. Sleeping and dreaming are very complex processes that mankind has tried to fathom to this very day.  Dreams are theorized to be self diagnostic tools the mind engages in to reveal to the person problems that underlay their existence or as a means to challenge them into further action.  Without sleep, or like not rebooting your computer now and then, all sorts of problems arise.

Impediments to good sleep are many.  Often too much stress, bad nutrition, emotional upset, danger, illness, even back pains that only a chiropractic solution can remedy.

Yes, anyone with back pain, or worse chronic back pain can tell you, sleep is not an option.  Back pain is so ruthless and unmerciful that some people need major medication just to get a decent snooze on.  This is a horrible state of being for anyone and only medical science of the highest level and smart chiropractic therapy to help.

Believe it or not a chiropractor will allow for a regimen of nutritional solutions that they’ll work with you and your nutritionist.  Modern medicine doesn’t pay much attention to nutrition because it’s focused on chemical solutions such as pharmaceuticals and expensive surgery.  Having a simple, safe, and affordable solution is out of the picture for the Big Medicine industry and that’s a major reason why some people suffer and some don’t recover from sleeplessness.

Drugs, toxins, can also have an effect on your sleep pattern.  Stress, the just everyday kind of stress that might not appear to be a problem but has underlying ramifications that restlessness and insomnia bring about.  Yoga, a cup of tea, Tai Chi, regular exercise, even sex are great ways to reduce stress.

Image credit: Marcos Calvo Mesa