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Can the Chiropractic Services in Town Help Me Lose Weight?

Posted on: February 3rd, 2015 by admin No Comments

Can the Chiropractic Services in Town Help Me Lose Weight?Losing weight is something that we all strive for throughout our lifetimes, even if we don’t happen to be that overweight. The only thing you can take away from not losing weight is the fact that you aren’t making any progress, and in some cases you actually stop losing weight no matter how hard you try. This would be called “the wall” of weight loss, and it’s where you’ve lost so much weight that your body needs a bit of time before it can lose anymore. This is attributed to things like your metabolism or mental health as well, but you can also consider taking a visit to the chiropractors office too. Now we’re always going to be talking about those fad diets that stick around for way too long, but have you ever heard about getting chiropractic help to deal with your weight loss troubles? The chiropractor can actually help you with more illnesses than you would think, they aren’t just there to make sure that you’re back and joints are completely fine. Chiropractic centres also have the ability to give you things like nutritional recommendations, which you can turn around and use to lose that weight you’ve always wanted to drop. It’s tough to do, but a chiropractic service that’s professional should be able to assist you.

Weight loss is going to draw in an entirely different type of crowd, for the mot part its people whom are desperate enough to try anything and everything. People will buy up all of those pesky little supplement brands (that are usually just placebos most of the time) in the hopes that they’ll somehow manage to lose the weight. The thing is that people don’t want to work for anything these days, whether it be money or a nice body to call your own. Talk to your chiropractor about your weight loss needs if you’re trying to make a big difference in your life, odds are they will be able to point you in the right direction. You need to start your journey to a lower weight with a specific goal in mind, so try to keep a goal that you can actually achieve at hand. Make sure it;s something like lose ten pounds in a month or something like that, you don’t want to over exert yourself at all (especially if you’re just getting into the habit of weight loss).

Immediate Joint Improvement with Cervical Adjustments

Posted on: March 19th, 2014 by admin No Comments

Chiropractor cervical adjustmentsA brand new study from Korean Nazarene University shows that cervical adjustments can result in immediate joint improvement. In patients with whiplash or neck pain, that pain can be relieved with cervical adjustments as well while also improving the mobility of the neck of those patients. Proprioception is improved using the cervical adjustments and joint positional awareness is a key component of this.

What is Proprioception?

Proprioception is the ability of the body to control its limbs and other parts. It is also the ability of the body to know the position of the limbs and other parts without looking at those parts. When patients suffer from whiplash or neck pain, they have a lessened sense of joint positioning in their upper limbs and their neck. When this occurs, the limbs will be limited when it comes to moving on their own and with normal speed.

Patients with neck pain who experience poor sensing of joint positioning experience dizziness, headaches, poor energy and trouble sleeping. Other studies have found that chiropractor adjustments, such as cervical adjustments, have improved elbow joint position sense for patients suffering from neck pain.

New Korean Study

The recent Korean study was done with a group of 30 healthy volunteers. The researchers involved in the study looked at the effects of neck adjustments on the joint position  sense. During the study, 15 of the volunteers were treated with a light massage and neck adjustments. The other half of the group was treated only with a light massage during the time of the study.

A digital dual clinometer was used to determine the joint position error prior to and after the interventions of the massages and adjustments. The participants of the study were shown by the researchers how to position their necks at six different angles. The participants were shown this twice and then were asked to do it on their own. The joint position error was calculated by measuring the difference in the position and the correct angle.

The entire group of participants experienced improvement in joint position sense following treatment. On the other side of things, the patients who also received chiropractor neck adjustments experienced better results with two of the angles measured. Those two angles include the left rotation and the left lateral flexion.

The researchers working on the study concluded that even though massage improved a patient’s joint position sense, a combination of both massage and adjustments is better treatment for the improvement of proprioception and range of motion.

Adjustments Made by Chiropractors can be Seen on MRI Scans

Posted on: March 11th, 2014 by admin No Comments

Visit Brandon ChiropracticUtilizing a chiropractor to adjust your back and spine can be very effective. What many people did not realize was how effective adjustments can be almost immediately. A study conducted in 2013 by Gregory D. Cramer, from the National University of Health Sciences, and a host of colleagues revealed that results of an adjustment can be seen on an MRI scan.

One of the main reasons for the study was to be able to explain the popping sound the body makes when an adjustment occurs. Medical professionals have long been talking about this noise, comparing it to the opening of a soda can. Basically, when the pressure is relieved in the can by opening the top, the popping noise occurs.

In the study, 112 patients were assigned either a side-posture positioning, spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) or two control treatments by the doctors involved. When the patients were done with their treatment, they were sent for an immediate MRI scan to observe the results inside the body.

The results of the study were very impressive. The group found that after an adjustment, the gaps between the zygapophyseal joints on the vertebrae adjusted became larger. This helps relieve the pain the patient is suffering prior to the adjustment being made.

The MRI scans also revealed that joints not manipulated did not show any evidence of moving at all. This study allows chiropractors the chance to really understand what happens inside the body when an adjustment is made for a patient. It permits them to learn about the popping noises, what vertebrae move, how far they move, and how large of a gap is created with the adjustment.

The doctors who worked on the study found that all of the patients showed improvement following the two weeks, but the ones who saw the most improvement had been given the SMT treatment right before their MRI scan. These patients experienced the highest amount of spinal joint gapping.

The patients who were treated with a combination of SMT and SPP experienced the most improvement in pain management immediately following their session. Doctors working on the study concluded that the therapy for spinal adjustments was positively affected by lumbar side-positioning of the patients.

The group plans to perform more studies on the issue to draw a more succinct conclusion about chiropractic adjustments and their effect on the body. But, in the meantime, this study does prove that chiropractic adjustments help to reduce pain patients are suffering in their back and spin regions.