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What Are You Doing That’s Causing Back Pain?

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back pain chiropracticChronic back pain is the bane of the existence of millions of people worldwide. They suffer from it and often don’t realize that there’s something they can do to prevent it. Looking at what you are doing to that is causing your back pain is the first step.

First of all lets realize that the back is a combination of bone, muscle, tendons, ligaments. One thing out of step and the rest can cascade into pain. We often see injury from accidents, fights, disease as causes of back pain and that’s true but there are things one can watch out for, keep away from and prevent such back pain from occurring in the first place.

Posture. Posture is the most important thing regarding the prevention of back pain. We slouch too much and that means we put our backs in jeopardy. Far too often people are unaware of posture. They used to teach it in schools just for this primary reason. Standing straight when walking or running, sitting or in any activity where the body is upright is important. It allows for the body to circulate blood more evenly, relieves gravity stress on other parts of the body that can lead to a collapse and back pain. Without proper posture you’re in danger 24/7.

Lounging. When we relax we lay down or sink into a soft chair. Sometimes outside we’ll crash out on the ground or up against a tree or wall. Without proper positioning this can lead to misalignment and subsequently serious back pain. Back pain from misalignment coming from lounging and relaxing can creep up on a person. They don’t realize it at the time but little by little that problem grows until it manifests itself into pain.

Improper form. There is a way to pick something up, exercise, or handle objects about. Without proper form one can throw one’s back out or work the wrong muscle and bone groups that will lead to serious problems. This is of utmost importance because this is one of the leading causes of back injury outside of accidents and disease. Learn how to lift an object or handle a heavy object properly.

Stress. Sometimes back pain is caused by nothing more than our own minds. The stress of daily living can take a toll on a body and the back and neck are the first to go. This kind of back pain calls for a chiropractor to handle as they’ll be able to look at all the tests involved and determine if a back problem is physical or mental. It takes fine tuned skills to do this and that’s why you go to a certified chiropractor instead of some know-it-all.

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The Advantages Of A Chiropractic Approach

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The Advantages Of A Chiropractic ApproachBack pain is no laughing matter.  It can be debilitating to the point of a person having no hope.  Injuries, bad turns, can put a person’s spine or saccrum in such disarray that modern medicine just can’t handle it and that’s where the chiropractic approach comes in.

For decades now chiropractors have had to deal with lots of ridicule regarding their practice.  Even when clinical data shows that their skills can be beneficial they’re still the target of some scorn and humor.  Chiropractic doctors are numerous now and their abilities are highly sought after and prized by patients. Especially those who’ve suffered from military injuries.  Painkillers and surgery are the usual approach but they don’t always work.  They can prolong the condition when all that need be done is a bit of hands on treatment only the chiropractic approach can attain.

Chiropractors study hard and long to perfect their skills.  They’ve got to know anatomy and more.  Just like any other doctors they have to meet the standards of the medical profession and be certified to practice.  Their specialty is the spine and the connective tissues and bones.  They have to evaluate a person’s overall health too and might need to prescribe a diet to help prevent or remedy any number of conditions.  They just don’t feel the spine and do a twist or turn, oh no, they have to do detective work as each patient is different.  They work in tandem with their other medical colleagues and might be called in at the beginning of a treatment, during the middle, or post op.  This allows for the chiropractor to be part of the team and apply their specialties precisely.

Because of the change in activities of today, the need for chiropractic medicine has changed to meet the challenge.  Kids with heavy backpacks, soldiers carrying 100 pounds of gear, new dances and exercises, all can lead to trauma to the back in one of several areas only a licensed professional chiropractor can handle. Utilizing the best technologies of today’s imaging technologies chiropractors can laser pinpoint problems more and direct their therapies to the real problem.

If one is suffering or knows of someone from back pain or discomfort then don’t disregard the chiropractic approach at all.  Check on their credentials and see what techniques they employ.  Not all chiropractors use the same approach as some may tend to approach by diet or some might approach by stress relief.  Either way, it’s proven that studies conducted show that chiropractic therapies do indeed work and should be part of anyone’s back problem resolution.
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Chiropractic Care a Natural Solution for Back Pain

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Back PainDealing with back pain is uncomfortable at best and unbearable at worst. In fact, it can interfere with your daily life so much that you may find it impossible to go about normal tasks. It can make working in any sort of regular way very difficult. Thankfully, chiropractic care is a way to both deal with the pain and eliminate it for good.

Causes of Back Pain

Pain in your lower back can occur for a variety of reasons. Often, it’s a part of the aging process. You experience reduced muscle tone and bone strength. The discs in your spine start to lose fluid and don’t provide as much cushion between the vertebrae. All of these factors lead to one thing: ouch!

Injuries are also a common cause of this pain. And diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis certainly contribute. Obesity, too, is another cause. Even being pregnant can cause pain in this area, and though temporary, it’s still hard to deal with.

Natural Solutions

While your first instinct may be to pop a few pain killers and get on with your day, this isn’t the best route as it just masks the pain and could actually cause you to hurt yourself more. After all, if something on your body hurts, it’s for a reason. It’s a much better idea to treat the cause of the back pain, right? (more…)

Chiropractic Treatment for Back and Neck Pain

Posted on: December 12th, 2012 by admin 1 Comment
Neck Pain Treated by Chiropractic Brandon

Chiropractic Treatment for Back and Neck Pain

Neck and back pain are some conditions that affect millions of people each year. People seek out a variety of treatment options to deal with these conditions including medical doctors who prescribe medication or surgery and chiropractors who prescribed spinal adjustment. Though some people advise against the use of chiropractic care for neck pain, it’s still a viable treatment option especially if your condition is chronic. So many people suffer from back and neck pain that they are desperate for a solution and it would seem traditional medicine isn’t providing it, especially if you like to avoid pharmaceuticals.

A recent study reviewed The Cochrane Library showed that spinal manipulation was no more effective at reducing pain then other methods. These results may have been misguided and may have contained numerous oversights. In fact, these studies didn’t take into account the fact that there are many different kinds of spinal manipulation. Some are mild and consist of just the stretching of muscles while others are more aggressive and involve the actual manipulation of ligaments and tendons. It would be useful for a study to be done on chiropractic care and back and neck pain that took these factors into account.

Purveyors of studies like this are mostly concerned about the possible damage that could be done to the neck with spinal manipulation. Torn neck arteries and even strokes have been reported when spinal manipulation goes awry. Still, just because the procedure goes wrong for some people doesn’t mean it will go wrong for everyone. However, many osteopaths are now advocating the use of chiropractic care for back pain only and not neck pain as the risk of injury is too high. Instead, more conservative techniques should be employed for treating neck pain to keep everyone involved safe. Again, this is coming from osteopaths and chiropractors.

Chiropractics have a place in the treatment of a variety of conditions and can make the lives of people infinitely better. There are just some instances where one shouldn’t take the risk of experiencing permanent injury or disability due to this form of treatment. On this, doctors, osteopaths, and chiropractors can all agree. Suffering from neck pain can be debilitating enough. You don’t need to actually suffer a debilitating injury while seeking treatment. Instead, be smart about how you go about seeking treatment and opt for something that will provide the results you want without putting your well being at risk.