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What Are You Doing That’s Causing Back Pain?

Posted on: July 1st, 2014 by admin No Comments

back pain chiropracticChronic back pain is the bane of the existence of millions of people worldwide. They suffer from it and often don’t realize that there’s something they can do to prevent it. Looking at what you are doing to that is causing your back pain is the first step.

First of all lets realize that the back is a combination of bone, muscle, tendons, ligaments. One thing out of step and the rest can cascade into pain. We often see injury from accidents, fights, disease as causes of back pain and that’s true but there are things one can watch out for, keep away from and prevent such back pain from occurring in the first place.

Posture. Posture is the most important thing regarding the prevention of back pain. We slouch too much and that means we put our backs in jeopardy. Far too often people are unaware of posture. They used to teach it in schools just for this primary reason. Standing straight when walking or running, sitting or in any activity where the body is upright is important. It allows for the body to circulate blood more evenly, relieves gravity stress on other parts of the body that can lead to a collapse and back pain. Without proper posture you’re in danger 24/7.

Lounging. When we relax we lay down or sink into a soft chair. Sometimes outside we’ll crash out on the ground or up against a tree or wall. Without proper positioning this can lead to misalignment and subsequently serious back pain. Back pain from misalignment coming from lounging and relaxing can creep up on a person. They don’t realize it at the time but little by little that problem grows until it manifests itself into pain.

Improper form. There is a way to pick something up, exercise, or handle objects about. Without proper form one can throw one’s back out or work the wrong muscle and bone groups that will lead to serious problems. This is of utmost importance because this is one of the leading causes of back injury outside of accidents and disease. Learn how to lift an object or handle a heavy object properly.

Stress. Sometimes back pain is caused by nothing more than our own minds. The stress of daily living can take a toll on a body and the back and neck are the first to go. This kind of back pain calls for a chiropractor to handle as they’ll be able to look at all the tests involved and determine if a back problem is physical or mental. It takes fine tuned skills to do this and that’s why you go to a certified chiropractor instead of some know-it-all.

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