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Increasing Tissue Tolerance

Posted on: March 15th, 2012 by admin No Comments

Chiropractor Riverview  FLOne thing you might not think about when working out is tissue tolerance. This can basically be defined as how much stress the different tissues in your body can handle before experiencing a defensive response. That is, tolerance is how much your muscles, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments can deal with before tearing, experiencing a spasm, rupturing, or fracturing. Many people think just exercising more or “taking it easy” will cure any ailment they have, but going to a chiropractor is the real solution.

A chiropractor can help determine any imbalances in the body, which could be considered weak points where injury is most likely to happen. When you have an imbalance, another part of your body has to compensate for it. Identifying these areas is step number one.

Then, some treatment options can be prescribed and utilized. For instance, custom orthotics can help bring balance to the body, especially if one leg is longer than the other or each foot hits the ground differently.

Regular massage sessions can also help to loosen up tense muscles and prevent spasms that can lead to tissue damage. Beyond this, regular adjustments by a chiropractor can also help to increase joint mobility and actually fix the imbalances that are determined in a biomechanical exam. Or, if you prefer, engaging in yoga on a regular basis can increase muscle and ligament flexibility and prevent the eventual tightening up of muscles that can cause damage and injury.

You can also increase tissue tolerance from the inside out. That is, your nutrition choices play a major role in how quickly your body heals and how fast it can adapt. Be sure to consult with a nutritionist to find the best food choices and supplement options to keep your body fueled properly for your specific physical activities. Additionally, you need to drink plenty of water, but it needs to be the right kind of water. Install an alkaline water system to strip away the unhealthy acids that plague our drinking water that can cause damage to your body. Acid in the body has shown to increase the effects of aging, even, so alkalinizing your water could be a significant step in improving your physical condition.

These are just a few ideas for increasing tissue tolerance. You may find a different routine that works for you. Just be sure to consult with a chiropractor before you implement any changes in your lifestyle to make sure you’re on the right track.