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Exercise Does Repair Aging Skin

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Exercise Does Repair Aging SkinIn a study that has provided quite a surprise, it was found that those people who used exercise regularly were able to prevent and reverse the aging and damage of the skin.

The study took a number of people in their 40s and older and had them do some exercises for a few times a week and had a control group of the same age and in some cases culturally and genetically similar and had them exercise while the others were sedentary.  As a result it was found that the exercising group did indeed look a decade, sometimes half their present age.

This is because the skin has an outer layer and inner layer.  The outer layer is composed of dead skin cells, sort of like armor.  Without exercise this layer thickens and the inner layer of fresh, youthful skin cells gets thin.  When exercise is engaged in the opposite effect occurs. The inner layer of fresh skin cells thickens and the outer layer thins.  This provides for better elasticity and the ability of the skin to better protect the body.

The skin is our first major line of defense against disease, radiation, chemicals, dirt, and grime.  Keeping it healthy means it can operate at higher efficiency.  Not only that, but skin helps to regulate certain vitamins and metabolism.  With damaged skin these processes are compromised and the body is put in peril.

With this new data, the various doctors should look at how your skin can be improved by this.  It may well fall into a chiropractic venue as well.  It would be negligence to not engage in sound physical fitness and engage in a healthy diet regimen.  Not just to revitalize the skin but to also live a healthy lifestyle.  Exercise prevents many maladies and helps to remedy others.  It doesn’t take a lot of effort either.  Just three times a week of 30 minutes of walking can do the trick.  More is better but not to overdo it.

Now that the jury is in regarding exercise and skin rehabilitation further studies can be conducted to see which exercises do the best job.

Finally, talk to your doctor before engaging in an exercise regimen.  The doctor will check you out and give some recommendations as to which exercises you should and shouldn’t be doing.  In addition they might also suggest other techniques like chiropractor or resistance training.  It’s always wise to consult a qualified physician when starting an exercise regimen.

Chiropractors in Sports

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Chiropractors in SportsSports are incredibly popular no matter where you are in the world, there’s always going to be some sort of athletic competition on and that’s just how we work as humans. We’re always striving to be bigger and better than the competition, and that’s why we work our bodies to the point of breaking sometimes. A chiropractor can be incredibly beneficial in just about every single sport you can name, the fact of the matter is that they can help you out even if you’re not playing sports. Taking care of your spine is really important is sports like basketball or football, and in the end it’s just important in general. Spinal cord injuries have the potential to get worse over time if you don’t get them taken care of, and sometimes you could be feeling pain that easily resolved. A trip to a chiropractic clinic is something you won’t forget, take a trip and you’ll see for yourself.

Back pain is something that plenty of athletes deal with on a daily basis, sometimes it can get so painful that they can’t go out and do their job they’re being paid to accomplish. The worst thing in the world you can deal with as an athlete is an injury, and when there’s one that’s just constantly nagging at you it’s going to play a role in how well you perform on the field (or wherever you happen to be competing, whether it be a court or even an ice rink). Finding a sport chiropractor that you can trust and rely on is just as important as understanding when you need to see one, because what’s the point if you can’t even trust the opinion of your physician?

Use the internet to scout out online reviews of specific chiropractors in your region, these alone should give you a great ideas as to which person you should go to for your back problems. Sometimes it might be a lot bigger of a problem than you thought, and sometimes it might just be something that’s minimal. Check out your local listings and find somebody you can rely on, and once you’ve found them make sure you build a lasting relationship! You never know when they’re going to save you from constant back aches, and many of us know how awful that feeling can really be (and most of you reading this more than likely do as well).

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Essential Sports & Fitness Safety Tips for Athletic High School Students

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Unfortunately, student athletes tend to acquire rather severe injuries when on the playing field and some of these injuries can sometimes require extensive sport chiropractic care. The National University of Health Sciences’ sports medicine experts have some tips for young athletes and their parents on how to get the most out of their sports activities. That way they can maximize the benefits while avoiding the debilitating injuries.

So here are some of those tips for teenage athletes who want to avoid injuries requiring chiropractic care and increase their performance:

  • Engage in light activity and then progress to moderate activity at leave 5 minutes before participating in a sport. You know you are properly warmed up when sweating a little.
  • Cool down and stretch after physical activity. Don’t just stop and walk away. Ensure each stretch is held for 30 seconds to one minute and don’t bounce.
  • To train safely, never increase the intensity of exercise or the amount of weight lifted by anymore than 10 percent every 14 days.
  • Specifically train for your sport. Different patterns are used in different activities and this means the muscles used for each is different.
  • Heart rate guidelines should be used when training for endurance sports, such as cross country. It is best to talk to a professional about the safe ranges for a child. (more…)

Sport Chiropractor at the Olympics

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Sport Chiropractor at Olympics

Picture Credit: Wikipedia

If you’re an athlete or just interested in sports, you might be curious as to what a sport chiropractor is and in what capacity they can help athletes in a wide array of venues. Let’s start with some general definitions first. This kind of chiropractor works specifically in sports medicine and requires at least two-three years of post-graduate education to become a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician or a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians.

Chiropractors have had a presence at the Olympics since the 1960s. To be specific, Dr. Leroy Perry was the first chiropractor on staff in 1968 with the Aruba team. The United States didn’t get a chiropractor until 1980 for the Winter Games. Ever since then, chiropractors have been included on staff for each U.S. team and have gained more and more recognition in the following years. In fact, chiropractic care finally became integrated into the overall treatment of athletes at the 2010 Winter Olympics, which were held in Vancouver.

Many other teams in the Olympics also make use of the services of a sport chiropractor to keep their athletes in the best shape possible including Costa Rica and Honduras.

Even with all of this promising information, some people are still skeptical of the role of chiropractics in sports medicine. This is largely due to the fact that there have been some sketchy people in the industry before making a bad name for the entire profession. Thankfully, the accreditation and screening procedures are much more stringent nowadays, so people should feel more confident in the services offered by chiropractors in general, not just those employed by the various Olympic teams.

At the Olympics, these professionals are often in charge aiding athletes and keeping their bodies performance ready. Regular adjustments are usually performed to keep muscles, tendons, and ligaments loose and flexible. This can allow for maximum range of motion and can be fundamental in preventing injury. Olympic athletes regularly push their bodies past reasonable boundaries, which is simultaneously impressive and dangerous. When under so much pressure, it’s understandable for athletes to make mistakes, making injuries more likely.

This is why having a sport chiropractor on hand for the Olympic team is an essential part of preparation and training. It must be reassuring for the athletes as well to know they have someone on hand in charge of their physical well being at all times.


The Role of Kinesio Tape in Sports

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Chiropractor kinesio tape

Beach volleyball champion Kerri Walsh wearing athletic tape. (Natacha Pisarenko/The Associated Press)

A rather recent phenomena in sports is the increased use of kinesio tape by athletes. Nowhere is this more evident than at the recent London Olympics. This tape looks like colorful strips and patches across the body. It comes in just about every color and was visible on volleyball players, gymnasts, divers, and more. Though many people know this tape is something prescribed by a chiropractor, they don’t know what it’s actually used for.

Kinesio tape also goes by the name of elastic therapeutic tape and supposedly helps to relieve inflammation in the muscles. It may also help with tendonitis. While many athletes and chiropractors swear by the tape, there haven’t really been any scientific studies to prove these effects. At least, there haven’t been any studies that look at the effects of the tape on its own without the use of other pain relief methods in conjunction with it.

Some believe the presence of the tape on the body reminds athletes to be cautious with how they use the affected muscles and take it easy. Others think there is an actual physical benefit but it’s just not understood yet.

The tape first burst onto the athletic scene in the 1970s when it was invented by Kenzo Kase, a Japanese chiropractor. The tape is designed to move with the body and stretch just like skin does. It’s not designed to limit movement. It made a larger splash at the 2008 Olympics, appearing on beach volleyball players, most notably. However, it was on every athlete imaginable at the 2012 Olympics.

One theory about how the tape works is that it pulls on the skin, lifting it from the deeper tissue layers and allowing for greater blood flow, which helps reduce inflammation. The pressure applied may also reduce pain sensations. Again, there haven’t been enough studies done to confirm or deny these results. Many studies don’t have control groups, either, which is problematic.

While there is no evidence the tape is effective, many athletes can attest to its benefits and don’t hit the field without it. It has an amazing effect on people’s performance, that is for certain. It’s unlikely that your chiropractor would quit recommending this tape anytime soon because of the benefits reported. Even though they’re anecdotal, there’s no harm in at least giving kinesio tape a try for your minor muscle injuries. It just might be the thing you need to improve your physical condition.

Health and Fitness Tips for Young Athletes

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Sport Medicine from Chiropractor Brandon

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Health and Fitness Tips for Young Athletes Effective health and fitness training are things that are usually associated with adults. However, many kids and teens also participate in sports and other fitness activities and require proper training to maximize their potential and to prevent injury. Sports medicine is often employed to achieve these goals.

When embarking on a highly physical endeavor, it’s vital that kids have the proper guidance to keep their bodies in good shape and to prevent injury.  Since kids are still growing, adopting poor technique can lead to significant damage. Chiropractors everywhere will tell you this.

Casual players are probably not at susceptible to injury as those who participate in high-impact, highly competitive sports like gymnastics or football. The training is so rigorous, an injury of some sort is almost inevitable.

A part of sports medicine is teaching kids how to warm up properly. Stretching isn’t enough. Kids need to get the muscles warm by jogging or doing something to get the heart rate up. Then they can stretch all the major muscles, especially those that are used in their sport of choice.

Taking these steps can go a long way toward preventing injury. However, it’s also essential to adopt a healthy diet and to stay hydrated at all times. This means eating healthy meals that provide plenty of fuel to accomplish the task at hand. Protein and carbs are important, as are standard healthy foods like plenty of vegetables and fruits. Young athletes should also make sure they drink enough water. Most people need to drink at least a half an oz of water per pound of body weight, but athletes need even more to counteract their elevated activity levels and sweating. Hydration is even more important on hot days. Young people should also get plenty of calcium to encourage healthy bone development and to prevent joint injuries.

Proper sports medicine guidance will also show you what equipment to wear for each sport. A chiropractor can often tell you if the equipment like padding, helmets, and shoes fit properly or if adjustments need to be made to ensure the best possible performance.

While a healthy diet is the best way to keep your body nourished and prepared for physical activity, a daily vitamin is a good idea as well. A standard multivitamin along with vitamin D and C are good selections for promoting overall health and immunity.

Finally, seeing a chiropractor might be the best method of sports medicine to keep young athlete’s bodies in alignment throughout training.

How a Chiropractor Can Improve Your Life

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Chiropractor Brandon FLMost people associate getting chiropractic care with giving a quick crack or pop to your spine. While this is definitely a solid association, it’s not the be all and end all of the practice. In fact, it encompasses much more than that and can work wonders toward improving the overall quality of your life.

There is much research pointing to the effectiveness of these treatment plans including studies from the Annals of Internal Medicine that show regular treatments from a chiropractor can treat and relieve back and neck pain better than any medication. It was also found that including these treatments in a comprehensive plan of care is more effective than using pharmaceuticals alone.

Treatment involves the physical manipulation of the spine with the end goal of relieving back and neck pain and even headaches. While it used to be the case that doctors would dismiss spinal manipulation as a treatment option, more and more are referring patients because the medications aren’t working very well and they want to actually solve the underlying problem.

During the treatment process, the body will be aligned. This involves applying pressure to various parts of the back and spine to relieve pressure between the joints and muscles. This pressure often elicits a loud popping noise, which is caused by the release of gas between the joints. Popping joints takes the pressure off your spine and allows for improved function and posture. It also takes the pressure off of nerves, which is one of the primary causes of pain. With the nerves unblocked, your body can heal and you can be pain-free for perhaps the first time in a long time.

After several chiropractic treatments, the spinal alignment will actually begin to change, relieving your pain and improving your overall health. By relieving back and neck pain, you’ll be better able to engage in life. Improved posture means fewer headaches and it allows you exercise without suffering from prolonged soreness. This contributes to your health in the long run in a big way.

One of the best things about this kind of treatment plan is it concentrates on the whole person, not just an isolated issue or problem. By taking the entire person into account, the treatment has a much better chance of being successful and providing a lengthy solution to the problem, rather than just a band aid. It’s truly one of the best ways to manage chronic pain around.


How a Sport Medicine Chiropractor Can Improve Your Running

Posted on: June 5th, 2012 by admin 2 Comments

Sport Medicine Chiropractic BrandonIf you like to run, it can be a real blow to your lifestyle if you suffer an injury. You may have to take time away from hitting the pavement, and no dedicated runner wants to do that. If you think about it, running puts your body under a lot of stress. Just the impact of your foot on the ground when running is equal to a force that of two to three times your body weight. It’s a repetitive injury waiting to happen.

Injuries can happen because you’re wearing bad shoes, have trained improperly, or place your foot on the ground wrong. Common runner’s injuries include strained and sprained ankles, plantar fascitis, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, runner’s knee, Illiotibial Band Friction Syndrome, and stress fractures.

A good way to prevent injury and to maximize your capacity as a runner is to see a sport medicine chiropractor. He or she can adjust your body so that you no longer perform the movements that result in injury.

A sport medicine chiropractor can actually repair damage and correct the biomechanical function of your body so that your joints and soft tissues are allowed to heal and you don’t suffer from a recurrent injury.

Some issues can be corrected without chiropractic adjustments. For instance, if you’re wearing the wrong kind of shoes, switching to appropriate footwear can make all the difference. Remember: proper arch support and cushion along the ball of the foot and heel are key.

It may also be found that you simply use the wrong technique while running. If this is the case, therapeutic tape may be used to correct your form and ease injured or strained muscles. Your technique will also be studied to see if there is a particular thing you’re doing wrong that’s contributing to your pain.

If your body is out of alignment and that’s what causing you to use poor form, a sport medicine chiropractor will likely use soft tissue mobilization using instruments or joint manipulation to correct these problems.

The key to a successful recovery and prevention plan is to get an individualized treatment plan. Only then can you be certain that your running will actually improve. As with any form of medicine, a standardized approach will only get you so far. That’s why it’s essential that you seek out a professional if you’re currently dealing with pain from running or if you wish to improve your technique.