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Concerned Parents of Young Athletes

Middle and High School Students/Athletes are a largely ignored market. Increasing insurance premiums coupled with increased co-pays and deductibles mean that parents are less likely to bring their kids in for these injuries they have such as shin splints, knee pain, back pain or pulled muscles. These are the “tip of the ice-berg” telling and important warning signs that indicate that something is not balanced or something is not working right in the body. when we ignore these warning signals, can become costly mistakes that can be witnessed 15, 20 or 25 years down the road.

We have a program that is designed to upgrade the medical attention and the level of care currently available to our student athletes.

Most schools require a sports physical prior to participating in sports. In most cases however, sports physicals fail to look at a number of biomechanical issues and our goal is to make available to every student athlete in our community a through bio-mechanical exam.

This is an extremely important issue when you consider that as we continue to age, musculoskeletal issues are the leading cost/expenditure in our healthcare industry in the US. Therefore if we can upgrade the care of the human structure, the musculoskeletal system, we can reduce the incidence of neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain thereby reducing the need for surgeries and pharmaceuticals which are very costly, and increase our quality of life!

Our goal is to educate our community on the importance of beginning this process early, with our middle and high school athletes, in an effort to change the way things are currently being done and become more proactive about our health, instead of being reactive.

A common road that many parents currently go down is first, try to determine how serious the injury to their student athlete is, and is deemed serious enough, will go to the pediatrician. Unfortunately, most pediatricians are not trained or equipped to evaluate any potential biomechanical issues that may be causing the current problem. As a result, many times the child is told to rest for 2 weeks and/or referred to an orthopedist or for physical therapy. Some parents may turn to a pain based chiropractor where like physical therapy, short-term relief may be achieved. However because the underlying biomechanical issues that caused the injury in the first place are never addressed, the injury or pain seems to return time and time again.

Student athletes, who are often not fully-conditioned are growing and often times, with unknown biomechanics, are put into the weight-rooms or aggressive training programs which in turn lead to injury. When the symptoms come along, we do not have the proper people looking and evaluating them and making the proper recommendations. They are kind of “patched up” and sent back out there. As discussed previously, this will have long term ramifications with regard to future joint issues, pain and quality of life issues.

So, we are proposing the need to incorporate some level of evaluation of the biomechanics of the body at this age group.

Orthodontists have done an extraordinary job of educating the public on the importance of the alignment of the teeth.

We are focusing here on the importance of our muscles, skeletal system and nervous system, but no one has yet paved the way to tell the public that you need to have good alignment, good balance and proper function of these 3 systems, in order to have the maximum potential of function and performance in the human body.

That’s what we are saying. We have established the tests to determine the misalignments and imbalances in the body and believe that every kid needs to go through the evaluation, the Structural Fingerprint Exam,  to reduce the chance of injury and increase the quality of life in delay and defer the degenerative process in the body.

This picture represents the structural imbalances that we all, to some degree have

As you can see from the picture, structural imbalances often originate in the feet causing a domino like effect up the structure and it is these unique imbalances that lead to the injuries that a student athlete will get when they begin to repeatedly use their bodies playing sports. Research has shown us that disc degeneration, in short, is caused by excessive mechanical loading, an increased weight going through an area of body incapable of handling it which will cause the accelerated breakdown of discs and joints. In other words, structural imbalances accelerate degeneration and also dramatically increases the likelihood and vulnerability of injuries.

Early detection is the key, and there are specific exercises and treatments that can be done to reduce the progression of degeneration that is occurring but ONLY if we know where these issues are. the structural imbalances are.

The Structural Finger Print Exam, so named because we are all unique structures, is the key to identifying these imbalances and functional issues that need to be addressed.

Once that is done, an Advanced Conditioning Program consisting of orthotics, chiropractic adjustments, physical therapies, cold laser, kinseotaping, nutrition, rehab exercises, vibration therapy, cold laser therapy, weight management, and home recommendations plus time can begin. This program is designed to address and balance any structural issues to increase ranges of motion, increase flexibility, increased strength, improve posture and decrease pain and the likelihood of chronic injuries.

We invite all middle and high school student athletes in Brandon, Valrico, Riverview and Tampa to come in and get this examination done at NO CHARGE. The information is invaluable, and there is no obligation to begin any treatment program.

If an athlete becomes injured, we also have an acute injury exam, and parents don’t know where to take them, We also offer an Acute Injury exam at no cost and no obligation. They will be evaluated immediately, and let the parents know what the injury is, the best course of treatment, and any insurance issues or related costs so that the parent can make the most educated decision possible.