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October 2016

Went to Dr Polley after a car accident and having headaches all the time. After a few treatments the headaches got better as well as some minor back pains. Dr Polley is great and I have been to several different chiropractors in the past that did not do as good as Dr Polley!!!

Brian T.

February 2016

I’ve been a patient for roughly a month and I have nothing but great things to say about this office. The care has been phenomenal!

It should be noted that I’ve never been to a chiropractor before,and I was very nervous at first. The staff here has been amazing and comforting…which I’m sure has been a huge contributor to my healing.

The amazing online reviews helped me select this clinic and I can tell you that I 100% stand behind my 5 star rating. #twoThumbsUp #wayUp

Barbara S.

January 2015

I am very pleased with Dr Chad Polley and the health source staff.  Very professional and just great people to be around.  I have referred people with back pain to him and they were very happy with the progress in a short period of time by reducing pain and mobility.  I get adjusted there as well and highly recommend them to anyone looking for no non sense approach.  Another thing I love about this office is how they give back to the community and have client appreciation parties.  Thanks health source!!!

Tony B.

August 2014

My son each night would complain about neck pain after having his tonsils taken out at the age of 5. I was told the patient is inverted during the procedure and you are not laying on your back. I finally took him to see Dr. Polly when Seth was eight years old; I’ve never been to a chiropractor to date. Seth has not complained about neck pain every since .

Steve R.

August 2013

I love my appointments at Health Source Chiropractic and Progressive Rehab of Brandon!!! They are so friendly and welcoming.  They have awesome equipment it can actually be very relaxing as well as therapeutic.  Every time I am adjusted by Dr. Polley I feel like a million dollars!!!

Abby A.

April 2013

I began seeing Dr.Polley after being in a bad car wreck. He has been working with me since 2011 and has given both pre-surgical and post surgical care. I cannot say enough about the great care I have received! It has been such a blessing to know that I can easily get answers to any questions I have and can count on excellent care.

Jennifer C.

October 2012

I love that Dr. Polley works with young children to help prevent any issues.  My daughter is 5 and was diagnosed with allergies.  I wanted a second opinion so I visited Dr. Polley.  He was so thorough with his assessment.  Claire has had 4 adjustments and guess what…..the drainage from the “allergies” is gone!  I am so impressed!  I don’t have to medicate my child and now I have a better understanding of how chiropractics works.  Thank you Dr. Polley!!

Susan L.

August 2012

I got into a motorcycle accident, messed up my neck and barely had any movement in my wrist without pain. Dr. Polley has but me on a fast road to recovery, after just two weeks I already have most of the movement back in my wrist and barely any pain, I know he will get me back to 100% and I would recommend anyone to give him a visit!

Brandon M.

November, 2011
Dr. Polley at the HealthSource of Brandon has been treating my daughter for pain and injuries she sustained in a car accident with her friend. After the accident she had been going to another Dr. for the injuries. That office was not flexible with their hours for treatment nor did they seem as concerned for her recovery.

After transferring her care to Dr. Polley he immediately ordered an MRI for her. We discovered that she had sustained 2 herniated discs in the accident. Ashlyn is a senior in high school, and is on her schools swim and soccer teams. I didn’t think she would be able to continue her sports activities. With Dr. Polley’s Chiropractic treatment and physical therapy, not only have Ashlyn’s pain levels decreased she has been able to continue her sports. Ashlyn has not only less pain, but has been able to increase her range of motion exponentially through treatment.

Our 14 yr. old daughter injured her knee during a routine dance practice. Her pain has decreased tremendously since her treatment and therapy for her knee, and since she started receiving Chiropractic adjustments at The HealthSource of Brandon.

I myself have had 3 back surgeries. I had just been recovering from a total hysterectomy when I started treatment with Dr. Polley. I had not been able to lay on my left side since my 3rd back surgery 2 yrs. ago. My left side would radiate pain and go completely numb. After my first adjustment I was able to sleep on my left side the entire night! I was amazed when I woke up the next morning realizing I had been able to get an entire nights sleep on my left side.

With much gratitude and sincerity,
Andrea, Ashlyn, and Jensen Black

September, 2011
To: Polley Wellness center
Dr. Polley,
It was about 2 years ago when I started treatment with Dr Polley. I was a bit concerned about seeing another chiropractor because I had seen at least 10 different chiropractors in the last 35 plus years. It was routine. I would work for typically 8 to 10 months then have another back issue. I would be laid up for 2 to 4 weeks feeling very uncomfortable, not to mention the loss of wages. The first thing after consultation with Dr. Polley (new to me) was to order a low back MRI (also new to me). When the results came back (herniated discs pinching on my nerves), I knew I had a real problem. Dr Polley got me on a treatment program of Vax-D spinal decompression and chiropractic adjustments and also recommended changes to my diet and exercise. More than 2 years have passed and with regular maintenance visits along with deep tissue massages from Olivia Capaz, I realize I haven’t been laid up since. I do not have the awful leg cramps and I can work all day feeling comfortable and strong.

My gratitude Dr Polley.
Dana B L